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Balta / Anna-Marie Durand: GIRL'S STORIES

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Des histoires de fille / Girl's Stories
Cabinet of Curiosities in the form of a collection of boxes. As opposed to the Cabinets of
Curiosities from the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, this one is made of perishable materials
such as paper, cardboard, plastic..The collection comprises 25 numbered boxes measuring
75 x   105 x 55 mm. The sides of the boxes show black fingerprints, which refer to the opening
of each box. This Cabinet of Curiosities can be compared to a closed book-block: its content
cannot possibly be taken in at a glance. In this case, the numbers on the lids are the page
numbers. The title refers to a French expression that is difficult to translate into English. The
word ‘histoires’ means ‘affairs’ as well as ‘stories’. As a result, the spectator is poised
between serious ‘girls’ affairs’ and frivolous ‘girls’ stories’. Mixed media. Balta 2002

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