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Angelo Ricciardi: PROSTHESIS - 2007

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Orthopaedic operation, limbs replacement, extensions that fill vital deficit, what prevails
in the images chosen by Angelo Ricciardi, in the prosthesis display, is the idea of repair
and capability and ability replacement of body itself. Ruined with accident, disease, war
mutilation, it shows simultaneously, a “lack” and its “repair”. This is the prosthesised body truth:
that its “deprival” is repaired but not deleted. If it were deleted, we would face an illusion. We
would see a perfect restoration of body itself. As of the prosthesised body display, it’s the
“body itself” that comes to appear as an illusion. It’s its “being itself” by its own, it’s its
ownership property that appears true no more. This operation is finely “meta-artistic”. As in
any operation of contemporary art, we are not dealing with a work of art but we are supporting
a thesis on the function of art in our world. As the prosthesis are “repairs” that cannot “deceive”
about the perfect reassembling of the body, as against devastation of the world, art, ethically
aware, is able to find a “remedy” that doesn’t give the illusion to start all over again. That’s how,
displaying signs of destruction, art can shape sign, as Adorno would say, of its promise
of happiness.

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