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   The pavillon chinois (French for 'pagoda') is situated in the town of L’Isle-Adam, situated 20 miles or
so by car from the centre of Paris, in the Val d’Oise department of the Ile de France. I've taken many
a walk in the forest which surrounds the town. A pond in front of the pagoda is overhung by large trees
and on a windy day the reflections of the trees in the water become a show of ever-changing images.
One day, I took a great number of photos. Their largely black and white qualities, their environment,
reminded me of the tradition of Chinese landscape painting, of the economy of haiku poetry. This is my
inspiration for the artworks represented in this accordion book, derived from some of the photos I took
of the wind-disturbed reflections in the pond.

   Looking at these encausticised images is like looking through an old foxed mirror into another world,
at fragments of some unknowable past (or even future).


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