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Birgit Daa Birkkjaer: HUUS POSTILL

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Publisher: Betula Press: 2012.  Miniature book 4x4,5x2 cm  -  9x4,5x4,5 (standing in a half circle)
4,8x4,8x2,5 cm (standing in the case), box 6,5x6,5x6,5cm   Limited edition, as many as can be
made of the old book, numbered and signed  Cover, slipcase and box: book binder carton (not
acid free). The pages of the book are original rag paper with gothic letters, cut from an old book
(a sermon collection). Linen thread, PVA glue, laser printed copy paper, yellowed by coffee (the
first and last page). The pages of the book are cut out from an old book (published in 1751) and
the order is accidental. The book was partly destroyed by fire, so I allowed myself to create small
art works from the rest. The miniature book has the same title as the original book, so it is formed
as a house, just as the slipcase - (Huus is an old Danish word for house). Coptic binding.


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