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Karen Hardy: Mis-Direct-Ion Re-Direct-Ive

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Mis-Direct-Ion Re-Direct-Ive, 2014, abaca handmade paper with letterpress printing. 5.75" x 4.5" x 0.4"

Mis-Direct-Ion Re-Direct-Ive is a journey through progressive stages from passivity to action. The text and
imagery describe a struggle to overcome a state of apathy and indecision caused by fear and regret.
Because the handmade paper is translucent, as many as three or four sheets can be visible simultaneously
when layered, creating an evolving visual narrative that comes in and out of focus much as mental clarity
may wax and wane. It is composed of twelve double-sided 4" x 11" prints, bound with a modified long stitch
in a variable edition of five.

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