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Monica Goldstein: FROM FAR AWAY

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Chest of drawers in MDF, acrylic and stones, photo printed in Baryra Photo paper,
310 g. text printed on vellum paper4,7 x 7 x 5,9 in, unique.

In this book I worked with three basic ideas: the support, the attraction that stones
have over me, and Olga Oroxco poems.
I took the subtle colored stones from a beach near Golden Gate Bridge. As part
of the book, I included photos of stones in black and white to illustrate the distance
between the object and its representation.
I looked for Olga Orozo poems verses in which the word stone or a synonym
appera and then matched photos from my archive with the verses meaning. The
verses are printed on vellum paper; words don't have the same density as stones.

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